Pornography and human futures

Jono Baggaley
Elly Hanson
Jono Baggaley, Elly Hanson
A round-up of the first Fully Human report…

Pornography and human futures

Published in 2021, the first issue of Fully Human, Pornography and Human Futures, brings together research on porn with wide-ranging literatures on core elements of human flourishing to answer some critical questions:

  • What is pornography in this age of ever-present technology?
  • How does it work and what does it do?
  • What does it mean for our hopes for young people?
  • How does it affect our potential for what we might call a ‘fully human’ existence?

The insights, findings and arguments this study lays out have profound implications for how we approach pornography, both individually and collectively. They also inform our thinking about other pressing societal concerns and focus our attention on our deepest aspirations for young people.

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